💡 Preface: The Why

We believe that Web3 is the future of the internet. But to foster mass adoption, we strongly need to improve the user experience and ease of access to Web3. Community management is an essential part, both for users and Web3 projects, since they are at the core of onboarding new users and accelerating growth.

<aside> 🚀 Our mission is to onboard and retain the next billion users to web3.


From an end-user perspective, this means getting answers to your questions instantly instead of being blocked for hours. For Web3 projects, this means providing the best possible customer support to increase user retention, as well as giving them the tools to analyze how community engagement translates to on-chain product usage.

Read on, if you want to play a key role in the community-led growth revolution.

🎯 What is AwesomeQA

AwesomeQA is the leading customer support solution for web3 communities with clients such as Aave, Dune, Poap, Rarible and many more. Our solution aggregates user questions from all channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter) and provides automated responses wherever possible. Additionally, we are providing the businesses with product feedback and engagement insights.

We have raised our seed round from leading Web3 investors (confidential, to be disclosed soon).

Given that we are an early stage start-up, you will play an important role in the success of AwesomeQA. At the same time, this means you will have to deal with uncertainty and lots of responsibility.

Read more about our story and the founders of AwesomeQA, Alex and Korbi:

Story & Founders

💪 Our operating principles

Both team and company culture are essential for our success.

<aside> 🤝 Trust each other. Be honest. Be open. Be respectful. Value transparency and provide a safe zone where others can be vulnerable.


<aside> 💬 Embrace feedback. Show appreciation and let others know what you think! Actively seek feedback, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes to learn from.


<aside> 🌐 Focus on impact. Begin with the end in mind and let measurable outcomes guide your actions. Put solutions over problems.


<aside> ♻️ Embrace change. Strive for constantly adapting our processes and product to fit our current stage and the needs of our customers.


<aside> 🗣️ Be proactive. Act if you see an opportunity to help. Take ownership of your work and earn autonomy.


<aside> 🧠 Keep learning. Be curious. Personal growth leads to company growth.


👋 Open Positions